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Is Your Concrete Crumbling?

Get sidewalk or patio repairs in Harriman, TN

Concrete is a popular construction material because it's durable and resists the elements. But that doesn't mean your concrete will last forever. If you have a concrete feature that's damaged or falling apart, hire East Tennessee Concrete & Retaining Walls.

From simple patio repairs, you can rely on our experienced team to restore any concrete surface. We work on loading docks, sidewalks, retaining walls and driveways and will make the necessary repairs to keep your concrete strong and reliable.

Contact us today for patio repairs you need in Harriman, TN or the eastern Tennessee area.

Why you should choose us

Why you should choose us

If repaired by unskilled hands, concrete can end up cracking again and require additional repairs. Make sure you hire a company that can do the job right the first time. Work with East Tennessee Concrete & Retaining Walls because our team...

  • Has the skills and experience needed to repair any kind of concrete surface properly
  • Can handle the electrical and plumbing conduits when it comes to concrete slab construction or repairs
  • Work on massive projects like oversized retaining walls and commercial loading docks

Ask for a free estimate on anything from concrete slab construction to retaining wall repair services when you call 865-202-2860.